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Yes it is! Is what YII stands for, and yes it is developing as the most effective web application framework, because of its diverse features.

Yii is a high performance PHP framework with a very short learning curve.Its a free open source web application development framework that promotes clean, dry design.Its component based design allows the user to customize it based on their requirements without directly modifying it.

Yii is a perfect choice for any sized project. The user is having full control over the configuration. It comes packaged with tools to help,test and debug the application and has clear and comprehensive documentation.

Yii is a generic web programming framework that is lightweight and equipped with sophisticated caching solutions. It is especially suitable for developing high traffic applications.

Yii development at DIGI Interacts

At Digi Interacts we are not just a team of highly enthusiastic professionals but also efficient and experienced individuals who know the potential of Yii – the ultimate open source technology that can empower enterprises to make a vigorous comeback in the market of web application development once again. Yii framework development is an extremely flexible approach which can be implemented on any platform for web application development. Yii framework is very apt for websites and web applications having high traffic. For eg: web portals, CMS websites, e-commerce systems, forums and other applications. Yii's latest caching technique enables it to stand out among a horde of other PHP frameworks

We offer world class development services in Yii framework as :

  • Custom Yii Website Development
  • Yii Web Application Development
  • Yii website – portals up-gradation
  • Customized Yii solutions
  • Yii framework Development
  • Yii Maintenance and Support

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